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International outlook, democratic ideals and the potentialities of Sri Rajiv Gandhi are the inspiring force behind our institutions. In the modern world, there is no career without knowledge and no knowledge without education. Education plays an important role in moulding and preparing youngsters to face challenges of the future. Keeping in view the innumerable opportunities in the future, our institutions undertake to evolve for efficient Professionals in the field of medical and engineering. The Rajiv Gandhi Group of Institutions consist of Dental, Engineering, MBA, Nursing and Teachers Training Colleges. India from the rural background emerged into developing country and now has many prestigious developments in the field of research and education. Our Institutions aims at the emergence of India with our efficient training programs and with our support, every student of our Institutions will have the capacity to meet the needs of our country and challenges of the world. All the more, we are aiming to cultivate an International outlook in our students that they can go abroad for service and ultimately strengthen our country with foreign exchange. As Joseph Jonbert, the French moralist said. "He who has imagination without learning has wing and no feet".

P. Sadasivan (Late)
Sir. M. Visvesvaraya Education Trust, Bangalore


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