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Public Health Dentistry

The department of Public Health Dentistry is mainly involved with the assessment of dental health needs and improving the dental health of the population.
It is primarily concerned with the identification of oral health problems in the initial stage and prevention of oral diseases.

The department in SRGCDS consists of an undergraduate programme which is dealt in the 3rd and 4th year of BDS with the final university examination being taken up in the 4th year.

The department is actively involved in conducting dental camps (screening as well as treatment) in and around Bangalore; the camps being organized at schools, colleges, factories, as well as in orphanages, old age homes and slum areas. The department comprises of a well-equipped mobile dental van which is taken to the camps in which active preventive and curative treatments are involved.
Health education and motivation talks are done by the department for the patients arriving at the hospital seeking treatment.
The college also has satellite centres as an extension of the Public Health Dentistry department in Ganganagar, Munnireddypalya and Singanayakanahalli.